Sgt. Joshua Brady


Sergeant Joshua Brady has been employed with Monroe County Sheriff's Office for 14 years. He had held various positions in the agency: corrections, road patrol, SWAT, Narcotics, and Major Crimes. He has enjoyed his career here but was searching for a higher purpose, and was found wanting more in life. Sergeant Joshua Brady referred to himself a believer, but never truly walked with the Lord. That was until 2013 when he walked into his home church, Calvary Kendall. He was baptized in 2015. It really took him a while to get moving and grow boldly in his faith. He began to serve at Calvary Kendall on their security ministry and volunteers as often as he can. He participates in and leads/co Leads small groups for married couples, men, and both co-eds. Sergeant Joshua Brady is very engaged in reading and feeding off the word of the Lord. He is happy to have been called to this ministry. About a year ago, he looked into Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers and really did not know where to start. Sergeant Joshua Brady prayed and fasted for months during that season of his life and the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers was revealed to him again, Thank you Lord! His goal for the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers is to offer a group of men and women in and around the uniform of Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and any other member/family member of any other law enforcement agency within Monroe County, to know that outside of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, we have people who love them and genuinely want the best life for them. Sergeant Joshua Brady wishes to support each member and provide growth in everyone’s faith. He looks to evangelize and bring law enforcement officers into the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers, show them how much Jesus loves each and every one of us, and wants the best for us. Sergeant Joshua Brady wants the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers to be a safe place for its members and non members to confide in the Lord and receive whatever they need from our wonderful councilor and prince of peace.

Deputy. J Snipes


Deputy Snipes currently serves as a Detention Deputy with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Bureau of Corrections. Deputy Snipes has been called by Christ to serve his fellow peace officers in their valiant efforts to protect and serve and Snipes is driven to do all he can to eliminate the child sex trafficking industry and to protect and safeguard places of worship. Snipes has been a member of the South Florida Members Alliance of Infragard since 2014. InfraGard is a non-profit organization serving as a public-private partnership between U.S. businesses and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Snipes founded and manages End Child Trafficking a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about the current endeavors of non governmental organizations (NGO's) and government initiatives with a mission to end child sex trafficking and also founded and manages the Jesus Christ Leadership Academy which exists to effectively communicate the teachings of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ so that others may come to know Jesus Christ and his teachings. Deputy Snipes was coached by the famous college football coach Nick Saban and played football for the Michigan State Spartans. Deputy Snipes graduated from Michigan State with a BA in Political Science, and continued on to earn both an MBA from Strayer University in Hospitality & Tourism Management and a Masters in Management with a Focus in Leadership. Deputy Snipes is a lifetime member of the Alpha Chi National Honors Society and a lifetime member of the Golden Key International Honors Society. Snipes is a licensed Florida real estate agent an affiliate of the United States Conceal Carry Association (USCCA) and an affiliate of The Self Defense Company.    

Deputy Will Goedde

Vice President & Treasurer 

Deputy Goedde is currently a Detention Deputy with the Monroe County Sherriff’s Office Bureau of Corrections. Dep. Goedde is from Washington DC. Dep. Goedde was chosen to represent his school by attending the Virginia Boys State American Legion, as a junior. Dep. Goedde was mentored by fellow peace officers, in Fairfax City Virginia, from an early age and found his calling into Law Enforcement. Through a family friend, serving with a local and his department, he performed undercover sting operations with the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives). Dep. Goedde previously worked for the Fairfax County Police Department, and worked closely with the Crime Scene & the Aviation Division as a cadet. Goedde attended the University of Missouri, Law Enforcement Training Institute, until he moved to Florida in 2017. Dep. Goedde, in 2017, joined Homeland Security as a TSA Officer. Dep. Goedde attended training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center located in Georgia in July of 2017. Dep. Goedde regularly prays for the future of our great country and for the safety of our fellow peace officers. Dep. Goedde has been called to spread the love of Christ among our fellow brothers and sisters. Goedde serves as the Monroe County, FL FCPO liaison to the PBA and has an interest in serving his community in the future in a larger capacity politically.

Monroe County
Key West, FL, 33040, US

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